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Find Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Is Cheddar Express a direct lender or a broker ?

We are a direct lender, but we also act as a broker when working with other lenders in order to provide our clients with working capital at the best terms.

What are the chances I will be approved for financing ?

Approximately 9 out of 10 applications will get approved through Cheddar Express for business capital. Most of our customers were previously denied by a traditional bank, or they simply did not have the documentation requested by a bank.

What if I have bad credit ?

Unsecured cash advances for businesses are based on future sales, not credit. Bad credit is usually not a problem for Cheddar Express.

How fast will I receive my Cheddar ?

Within two business days of your Cheddar Express application being completed. Our only business is this business, we WANT to send you our funds to help your business.

How do I pay my financing back to Cheddar Express ?

Depending on the terms of your financing, we will work with you to set up scheduled automated payments.


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